The Albanian in His Own Habitat. A Dated Portrait
Viorel Stănilă

The hajduks were the victors of Băiasa, and this proved to be a disaster to Ottoman domination. These were the facts that both the Greeks and the Aromanians would later sing of in the ?Ballad of Fezu-Dirvenaga?.

And we should not forget that in a 1912 opuscule entitled ?The Aromanians from a Historical and Cultural Standpoint?, Pericle Papahagi referred to the relations of the Romanians and Albanians: ?We have always harmonized with this element.?

That same year, in autumn, when the denouement of the first Balkan war became predictable, Nuşi Tulliu was in Macedonia as escort to the retreating Ottoman army troops. He had thus the opportunity of being an onlooker to the encounter between a pack of fărşerot shepherds on their way to the place of transhumance and a band of Albanian thieves:

?O Ghiza! O Ghiza! Anculea cu ficiorli, că va nă lia oili albineşli![ii] And all stood by them. A terrible fight set off. Shooting could be heard, bang! bang! (?) It may well have lasted for half an hour. The Albanians were completely rejected and it all became quiet (?).

Rainclouds on the second day. The forest stirred and the trees cracked with the wind. I once more visited the brave fărşerot people in order to be informed on what had happened on the eve.

?Hey, what?s new? What happened last night??

?Hmm! What could it be! A band of meager Albanians wanted to loot us!?


?And they left just as they came. We captured two of them. There they are, like two beaten curs! (?)?

?And what are you going to do with them??

?We take them uphill as hostage and set them free. We could not possibly kill them, how could we? We would debase us to do so!?

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