Charts and paradigms
Alex. Leo Şerban

Yet, the Reality (a very difficult to grasp, but still operational concept) keeps on being- especially now, half a century after its amputation from cinemas and television- the only serious motivation for a young director to take up movies. The movie is, by definition, Reality (that is Truth) for 24 photograms per second. And what the documentary-as cinematographic manifestation- again by definition, used to do, has been recently claimed by the action movies. The full-length films of the last period of time (the one I mentioned at the beginning) also presuppose taking possession of this vast and damaged territory called ?Reality?. Circumstantial or not, the moment the documentaries signed by young directors try to save ?the white spots? of the more or less recent history (see Iepan?s The Decree Children or Solomon?s The Great Communist Plunder), the full-length films signed by their peers nervously focus on the today ?reality?, revealing the meanings of the moment. Moreover: there is a fertile hybridisation exercised by the documentary over fiction (like in The Death of Mister Lăzărescu) or, symmetrically, exercised by fiction over the documentary (like in Thomas Ciulei?s That?s the Way Things Are). It doesn?t matter that we didn?t yet reach a ?fluid border? between fiction and documentary, there are signs that-at least in what regards some cinema men- the strict delineations between genres and species have turned futile and at the same time inoperative for the critics? What eventually matters is a huge- and undoubtedly unpremeditated-recovering effort of the anthropological dimension: all Romanian movies after 1990- no matter the quality!- represent a devoted mirror of the human mutations (sociological and of any other kind) that the Romanian society has undergone during the past fifteen years. From this perspective, the value of the cinema productions comes second to the interests an anthropologist can take in any of the titles appeared after 1990! Yet, as my competence cannot reach any further, I shall only hope that such a subject is exciting enough so as to be granted a serious study. Anyway, it would be a salutary sign that at least in this area, the cumbersome cultural paradigm which focuses on literature so and so forth is-beneficently- put aside?

Translated by Raluca Vîjîiac

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