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Ciprian Voicilă

The solution of the riotous fellow. ?The solution resides in the total maladjustment to the system. (? ) the riotous fellow has no fix home, no papers, he is not employed, he is a loafer, a parasite, a ragamuffin and a moocher.?? to sum it up: when faced with tyranny, exploitation, misery, adversities, disasters, banes, dangers, not only will you not give yourself up but, on the contrary, you will juice all these feelings out of the crazy craving for living and fighting.?

Ioan Ioanid?s Our Every-day Prison is published, a sort of Romanian Gulag Archipelago. The writings of the theologian Dumitru Stăniloaie are also rediscovered. The painter Sorin Dumitrescu publishes Seven Mornings with Dumitru Stăniloaie (1992) at Anastasia Publishing House, a book containing conversations with the Romanian theologian. The same publishing house publishes books written by Vladimir Losski (The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church1992) ? a Russian theologian, expelled in 1992 by the Soviet government; by Vladimir Volkoff (The Evil?s Trinity. Indictment during the Posthumous Trial of Lenin, Troţki and Stalin-1996; About the King-1992); by Paul Evdokimov (God?s Crazy Love, 1993)- also a Russian theologian who emigrated to Paris; The Saint Angels (1992) by Ileana Princess of Romania.

The Bachic and Political Ideas (Victor Frunz? Publishing House, 1996) written by the writer of epigrams P?storel Teodoreanu (Al. O. Teodoreanu) are also published. Păstorel had been sentenced to prison because he had disturbed the regime by writing epigrams of the kind: ?I bemoan Stalin, and I?ll pass / To you my little secrecy / I fear that will kiss the arse / Of the entire committee.?

Translated by Raluca Vîjîiac

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