Television after 1990. The nation?s chemistry

Şerban Georgescu, film editor, 35 years old Interview done by Gabriela Cristea

When talking about television, everybody refers only to what is made manifest on the screen. They have no idea that a television also means the technical part: the cable boys, the people who do the filming, the montage and who have a very important role in creating the final product. I was part of these people. I used to do the montage and, in my first years in a television, I only had to do with the technical part. Practically, I can tell the subjective story of the man who helped others grow and become famous.

I really wanted to do this job. And when saying ?television?, I really had a broad sense in my mind. Television means television. I didn?t know the difference between montage and filming. It doesn?t matter why you are there. What is really important is to be there. I had the chance? kind of accidentally, to be part of Channel 31, which, back then, was a district television around Iancului area. They had two hours of sports, while broadcasting CNN in the rest of the time. Back then, due to Sârbu1?s vision, a bunch of people gathered around and happily worked for more or less three years. I am not very good with dates, but I think it was around ?93, when we first started to broadcast. And, if I am not wrong, I think that that was the first private TV channel. I cannot tell if SOTI was private. I have no idea! It was one of TVR2?s attempts to create its own ?private? TV channel? they used to do the filming there, in the television, with borrowed equipment.

That?s what I know, that Sârbu and his Channel 31 were the first free-lancers. We were a bunch of people doing everything: from fixing the carpet till broadcasting live. Practically, everything. We did everything, up to broadcasting and filming and the great advantage that we had as compared to TVR was that the only journalist seedbed was there and they were already jaded. This is what happens to all of us sometimes in our job. Well, here, in our television, we had that amazing chemistry? because we were all kids, resembling that American movie? hence we only broadcast for several blocks around, and that was a television! We had the chance to learn things: from simply doing the montage you could turn into editor, because that man was simply needed and they had no money to hire somebody else. And if you managed to skilfully move the buttons, ?well, mate, tomorrow you are an editor or whatever else you want!?

I was 21, had been part of that television for

1 Owner of a private TV channel.

2 The Free Romanian Television, the national TV channel.

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