Television after 1990. The nation?s chemistry

several years and the idea of competition was driving me crazy. Others appeared: Antena 1, Tele 7 and they used to broadcast movies! We didn?t. A movie was a TV symbol. If you broadcast movies, you are successful. PRO TV was only broadcasting sports. These guys broadcast movies, so we are doomed. They beat us. There were several morning shows: ?Good morning, Bucharest!? I can?t really remember, I forgot them. All the more as there was that carousel where you entered on one side, being something and got out on the other side, being something else. You were completely lost. I know that we had around 10-11 people in the editorial staff, together with a secretary. A certain Ciurăscu was editorial office secretary. Do you remember him? During the Shot Guy1?s time, he used to be the presidential spokesperson. And he used to broadcast? I don?t know where from: Tudor Ciurăscu. I cannot tell how he ended up there. From TVR? Maybe they had vacant places? The rest of us were people on the television car, broadcasting and doing the montage. We did everything, so that it was a sort of? ?You go!?, ?No, because I did it last time? ? all the time.

I remember that, like any other job with its own professional diseases, ours had them too: I used to take very little sleep and I would very often wake up in the middle of the night, thinking that I forgot to do I don?t know what thing while being on air. My mother was very scared? look how her son ended up! I used to watch TV and fall asleep. If hearing commercials, I was up on my feet, looking for the central control desk to switch. Because you were supposed to broadcast I don?t know what? Because of being so tired, you were just losing track.

Channel 31 lived till PRO TV appeared. It was a sort of PRO TV embryo. Meanwhile, while the old Channel 31 still existed, Antena 1 and Tele 7 ABC appeared and we were kind of left behind? They all entered the market very determined and some of our people started

1 Hint towards Ceauşescu, who was shot in 1989.

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