Television after 1990. The nation?s chemistry

dressed up like I also do it now: orange trousers or cut shorts, the agents where asking ?Who?s the guy?? never mind, Iliescu used to say, he knows to do stuff? It was very funny!? And then, I used to watch the product on screen!

That thing with the double agent seemed very funny to us. Actually, it was the Balkan gypsy show. They knew where we were really working and what we were really doing. And I found it unbelievable that I knew what they were going to say in a week and they didn?t care. For them, it didn?t matter that afterwards I was going back to the television to do something else which wasn?t in favour of their party. But they didn?t care?

Anyway, when we started to know each other-because the television world is small-? it was practically a secret who we did the montage for. Now, there is no problem. We used to gather around and say: ?Are you crusading for? ??, ?No, pal!?, ?Yeah, mate, but you are the only one doing this type of montage? ? As a matter of fact, I knew the way that or the other would do the montage? well, the best guys? And we used to start all this row over some beers: ?No, mate, are you crazy, how should I do the montage for I don?t know what party!? I didn?t do the montage for anyone? ? Or even better, we also did this trick, having this lie at hand: ?Bloody bastards, they didn?t take me to film their campaign!?

I think that politics influenced television very much. But I cannot say much about it because I am not a political analyst. If I watch TV, I am not influenced by what I see, but those at the countryside are. They were watching TVR. And they were voting accordingly.

There hadn?t been any staff tensions between PRO TV and TVR. One of the best men in what regards the montage area, Costică Marciuc, had already seen one of my movies when meeting me. And he came to PRO TV, to some of his former television colleagues. They used to gather around for food and drinks, stuff like that? I told you that migration within televisions was a fashion back then. And they were talking where it better suited them. So? And my boss took me with him for a beer. And that?s when I met him. He asked me for how long I had been doing it. I said: three. He cursed me, hang you, I don?t buy it! It was actually a compliment. He had twenty years of experience, of doing montage. That was my first medal. He was thrilled to see that a kid was such a quick learner. And this happened because right after the revolution, you had to do something. I was born more or less in the outskirts. I think that the school was there. The district school! If you did nothing, you were swamped. That?s what happened here as well. When I entered the television, after two weeks, those guys were saying that I was as asshole as when I first arrived. After another ten days they all said that I pulled their leg before, that I had played the maiden part in order not to do that thing or the other. When that guy called me an asshole, I startled! I was afraid of not losing what I had always dreamt of.

Ever since I was a child, I have loved commenting the movies, the image. Without knowing anything of film or montage theory. I would have insisted more on this scene, that shot was I don?t know how? that?s what I used to say, driving my friends crazy. Or I would take movies and watch them all over again till learning them by heart. From text till the way a certain guy moved a camera? And I fell for it. I was a kid, but I met lots of cool people, elder than me, who accepted to let me into their world. That?s how I learnt.

I left PRO TV. I wanted to see the world. Actually, this is how everything began. In 1997, they opened a television broadcast station in Sinaia, PRO TV Sinaia. I was working a lot. I think that in three years I worked as much as I would have worked in five. How many nights I stood up, even if already stressed? I lost my hair, I didn?t know what to do. I told Sârbu, I want there, I want to go to Sinaia. I am taking some kids, I am teaching them how to do the montage, how to film, I hang around a while? But, no, take care because you are going to singe your feathers!

And this is when I had a revelation. I realized that that was the age when one had to see the world and that I had enough, I was going to quit my job. I?ll leave for a year, I?ll see what it is there to see and, when coming back, I will still remember my job. Now is the right time. I won?t do it at 40-50? And I went to buy myself equipment. I was dreaming of the Frozen North, I had always loved that. And, while buying the equipment, I had the second revelation? I shall follow these things, these lights crossing my mind. I say: why should I leave now and break my back working out there? Why shouldn?t I start making documentaries on their money? And I went to Sârbu and I told him, I need you to let me go for two months because I can?t take it anymore! And he did because I was like his child. He helped me and I went to Alaska, together with a Romanian expedition which wanted to conquer McKinley and stuff like that?

I used a poor camera and I did the filming under terrible conditions. I think that for what it had been, it came out pretty OK. They broadcast the movie on PRO TV and the people enjoyed it. They used to do Romanian expeditions around the ?70s, but afterwards, in the ?80s and ?90s, nothing. This domain had been forgotten for fifteen years. Finally, a Romanian was filming other Romanians abroad? It was something different, not only news, wars and politics.

Oops, I saw that that was the trick! And I went next year as well, because those were the conditions. Afterwards, my trips started to bother many people. Hoy, this may be good, but he can afford too many things in this institution! And that?s how I left PRO TV.

Then, Bose, as a managing director at Prima, called me and summoned me there. Of course that I went to improve their promo. Well, well? After four or five months, I left that place as well. Even if I did a good job, what I wanted to do wasn?t exactly what Prima had planned, being still an entertainment television. It was ?98. I was 25 and I was making big money. And I said to myself, guys, I am only taking your money! I was just guiding two men, showing them what and how to do and that was it, because they had the same shows and they had nothing else to advertise. And I just wandered around for three months, listening to music. I had no idea what to do? I was completely jaded.

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