Smacked by the miners

The next moment, a guy whose face I remember only for that event showed up in front of me. Then, images started to slowly become blurry. The guy, wearing a short-sleeved shirt with white and red little squares, seemed to be a civilian. He started hitting me like a boxer. And he kept on kicking my stomach and my phizog and my eyes became blurry. Obviously that I was also hit from behind. Those two were holding my hands while others were knocking my head off.

I honestly felt like melting, and I melted, I stepped out. As if in another world, dreaming, feeling something flowing down my face. I could very vaguely hear a crunching of angered ladies. I could distinguish two ladies shouting: ?What, are you trying to kill him? Let him be!? Hence, I felt free and I fell down.

Those women and a guy fetched me and tried to lift me up, because I wasn?t able to stand anymore. They supported me and dragged me near Eva shop, near an indentation. They took out some paper handkerchiefs and tried to wipe the blood off my face. The great production manager had vanished and Bordeianu showed up again.

The guy who helped said: ?We must get a car to take him to the hospital.? Bordeianu said he knew me that I was with him and that he was going to get a car.

He stopped a car which would take me to the hospital; all the more, it turned around there, even if it was a one way street and it drove in the opposite direction. They put me in the car and took me to the policlinic on Dorobanţi Street-near the German kindergarten.

They left me in a surgery where I met Doctor Safta, may God keep her safe, who was terrified and completely outraged, calling them ?beasts and murderers?.

She was actually expressing a perfectly normal point of view, after seeing the way I looked like. She cleaned all my wounds, stuck some bandages into my nose to stop the bleeding and then sent me to Hospital No. 9, to ?Bagdasar?. My head was all wrapped up in bandages and I felt as if it had been a huge bushel.

I was becoming more and more conscious. After the moment when they picked me up from the street, I started to come into my senses and to realize what was going on. That things were wrong and that I wasn?t one piece. Bordeianu found a minibus pertaining to I don?t know what filming crew, put me into it and took me to ?Bagdasar? Hospital.

I could see the climax of abomination only on my way to the hospital. Since the center was blocked, the car was redirected on small streets and we got to Rosetti Square, where everything was a turmoil with miners running randomly. It was pretty tough to drive towards the University round about, since the traffic was very heavy, with cars driving in all directions. It is there where I saw the first thing which terrified me.

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