Smacked by the miners

A young girl, probably a student, had her bag hanged around her neck and they were pulling her arms on both directions; she was trying to get away shouting, but I couldn?t hear her because I was in the car. They were jerking her on both directions and one of the miners was burning her hand with a cigarette. That seemed the utmost cruelty. And that wasn?t all. Even if you weren?t able to see the man who was the target of the miners? anger (because of their number), you could see the sticks and the rubber bats going up and down.

The image was terrifying. You could only see them going up and down and you could only guess that they were beating a poor soul to death.

And we passed through the round about and we stopped near a bridge next to Şuţu palace, at Bucharest History Museum, where there was a big bunch of miners, some with discoloured, torn overalls, some with newer ones and others with those brown overalls which seemed pretty new. And they stopped a white Olcit and the guy who was driving locked himself up in the car, but they broke the windshield and the side windows and they ruined his car and then, dragged him out of the car and stepped over him.

Meanwhile, the string of cars moved a little bit and we arrived at ?Luceafărul? cinema hall. This is where I could witness two horrifying scenes. You know, more or less like everything we know about the Nazi horrors.

Firstly, I saw a clamshell lorry scale (for building materials) in front of the church, at Saint George. Next to it, there was a group of brutes, carrying scoop sticks or any other bloody thing and other miners were coming from the crowd and they were almost throwing a man or a woman into the clamshell and they were pushing the others next to the cabin while hitting them with a stick. A terribly horrifying thing.

And then, another image, a woman who was half way on the boulevard, she might have been a gypsy, a cleaner gypsy? the utmost abomination, she was trying to escape from the hands of those who were grabbing her: one was grabbing one of her hands and the other another, while a third was pulling her hair for a fourth to hit her with one of those high-tension cables, over the breasts and in the thorax? they were hitting her while she was screaming. Now, that I am recounting these things, I get goose bumps. I had never thought that things like that could exist!

Only after seeing these scenes, I got horrified. I told myself that I got away cheaply. At that moment I couldn?t think of who got them there. These were afterwards reactions. Slowly, while driving towards Unirii Square, the traffic became more fluid and we could finally get to the hospital. We got there, and I saw lots of people, crushing, and injured men. We were waiting when Bordeianu asked me: ?What shall we do, mister Ionescu? Don?t you know anybody?? I remembered that doctor Nae Popescu was working there, the CPR unit coordinator.

Bordeianu went and asked for doctor Nae Popescu at the information office. But Nae had already left. Yet, another doctor, one of Nae?s colleagues, attended me. He took me and submitted me to a very minute checking, he also did me a puncture in the spine, taking some liquid out to see if he could let me go.

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