Smacked by the miners

Apparently I had been lucky, because the liquid was clear. He sent me to the medico-legal hospital and to doctor Popescu at Colţea Hospital- the present manager of the hospital- to examine me for the rest of the injuries. And I finally got home where I started to use poultices. I must tell you that I had to use them till the end of August because my bruises wouldn?t go away.

The next day I went to the medico-legal hospital. Those guys saw me and they mentioned on my medical certificate all my injuries, bruises, but I liked the doubt it contained, a doubt which I was able to notice only later, after I got back home: ?the injuries could be caused by the events on 14th June?. Which actually meant that it wasn?t certain. I got hit by an elevator! It was formulated so as not to upset anybody. I have it even now- I don?t know what I can use it for! The truth is I had head injuries and my occipital and my nose were broken, and my jaw was misplaced.

Of course that I also had to see doctor Popescu at Col?ea Hospital who took off the bandages that doctor Safta put in my nose and they seemed endless, like spaghetti? but they proved very useful since they stopped the bleeding. The man more or less fixed my nose but he said that I might need a surgery. I had never had it done, I was left with a deviated septum, but I said that I was OK. My left eye astigmatism is also a consequence of what happened then, of that hit on the left side of my head. That?s it. I have some scars on my face, still visible. A man can put up with everything.

Translated by Raluca Vîjîiac

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