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It was in 1990, right after the Revolution, during the second semester. I had to go to school; I put on my uniform, got dressed and automatically tied my pioneer tie around my neck. I stood out in the hall to put on my shoes, to take my coat and my mother saw me and asked me where I was going with that tie around my neck: ?Now, with the tie? Haven?t you heard on the radio that the communist party is gone, the eagles, the pioneers, the UTC (YCU-Young Communist Union) all is gone??

I replied that I couldn?t go without the tie because they would send me home and mark down my grade for bad behaviour. ?Take that tie off because you will make a complete fool of yourself, nobody else will wear it? ?I won?t take it off because I don?t want to come back home again to grab it?.

Finally, she took off my tie and hung it in the hallstand and I took it back and went to school. On the way, I watched my classmates to see what was going on, how they were dressed. When I reached school, there were several mates with the tie, but few. We didn?t need it anymore. (woman, 27, psychologist)

Right after the Revolution we received some guarantees on our salaries, which had been previously deducted on a monthly basis in order to become social parts in the company. I got 7000 lei which meant a lot of money and which I used to buy a washing machine, not automatic, like those today. (woman, 42, designer)

Everything was marvellous. From scratch and total interdiction, to free access to everything. It was pure madness and we enjoyed all the crumbs we were thrown. The shops were full, but full with junk, and it was only later that I realised it. Right during the summer after the Revolution I went to the seaside and made friends on the beach with some very nice Italians but who told

1 Dep?che-Mode fan.

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