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me that we were 50 years behind. I got really angry and I replied: ?How come, can?t you see that shops are loaded with things and they look great?? I was really having a go at them, how was it possible for them to say such things? Then I learnt they were right. (woman, 42, designer)

After the printing houses were privatised and started mushrooming, I remember that everybody was reading bad literature, sob stuff like that written by Sandra Brown. (woman, 26, student)

After the ?90s, a book almost meant two kilos of meat. (woman, 51, secretary)

When Sandra Brown appeared, my mother wouldn?t let me read, because she was saying that those weren?t books for my age, but she bought them and all her neighbours and everybody had one of her books at home. So, one day, when my mother was at work, I searched for the book and I read it up on the library, to have time to put it back in case she returned. I had been doing it for two days and I don?t know if I liked it or not because I was dead scared not to get caught. After that, I bragged in front of all my friends that I had read Sandra Brown? I was the coolest of all for a while. (woman, 25, fashion designer)

After the ?90s the rockers came forward. Everybody was either a rocker or a depeche-fan1. Those were in open conflict with the punkers. I remember I once got caught in the middle of one of their rows, when coming back from some friends? place, somewhere between Universitate and Romană, because they used to gather around Romană. I remember that they were quite exclusivist people and used to set up takings and if other kiddos would show up to take round the plate they would pick on them for being on their territory. (woman, 25, fashion designer)

The first issue after the ?90s was that people ceased to go to the theatre? and to the opera. There appeared TV channels, privatised cinema halls which determined the price of the tickets to go high, yet the main phenomenon remained TV and video. We used to go to all sorts of cheap thingies to rent a video and back then we thought it was a blast. We managed to get our hands, as many other people also did, on many video and audio cassettes. To be honest, they were quite low-quality stuff, all pirated and doubled, but we managed to get very many at the time. And we still have the majority of them. I know because I went abroad and I came back with some money. That?s when I bought our first colour TV set, around ?92. (man, 50, physicist)

They used to broadcast all sorts of news on TV, one freakier than another, but true, about how corpses of the victims of the revolution had been taken to the morgue and then found in common pits together with unidentified people. There was also news about soldiers on duty who were asked to act and then killed. Now I couldn?t tell why. Did they know something? Had they done anything? It was a tragedy anyway. (woman, 42, designer)

I guess that around the fourth grade it happened for me to get a computer as a present, if I?m not mistaken an HC-90, a computer manufactured by ICE FELIX. There and then everything came upside down: a new Radu was getting born. I received it full of excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation: ?I had a hard on?, even if I ignored the meaning of the expression back then. And I loaded the first game, feeling that my heart would leap into my mouth. The first game that I had was kind of like the ?worms? on Nokia, that with the dew warm which has to eat all kinds of junk and which keeps on growing bigger and bigger. Of course that back then you needed a shoebox-sized computer and a TV to play that game but it was something! (Radu P., 23, student)

There used to be people who could have had initiatives and ideas during the ?90s, yet, if the system didn?t back them up, it was very difficult. You need support. Take agriculture, for example, which could have been a real success in our country, but since we are not given free hand on the matter and we are imposed all sorts of restrictions? it is difficult. (man, 50, physicist)

There had appeared those crooks who used to go to Turkey to buy things that they brought back and sold in the country. They seemed extremely beautiful to me, but in fact they were mere crap. We had some neighbours who used to do it and whom I once asked to fetch a pair of trainers for our boy, but good stuff, because we had bought others before and they fell apart after a month. They told me they couldn?t do it because they had to buy only bad merchandise, because it was very cheap so that Romanians could afford it. And everything which was good and valuable was retained by the custom officers at the border anyway. (woman, 42, designer)

In my high school, there were colleagues who became lady- escorts, who would get to school by car together with their friends and other colleagues would go to Ioanid Park to smoke weed, marijuana. (woman, 26, student)

I remember the time when there had appeared those women pictures on the panty packages, the strongest porn photos of the time. I would always buy my mom panties for a special occasion because I knew she wouldn?t need the boxes and thus I could keep them! It was very funny because I even started to exchange boxes with the block neighbours. Well, I only exchanged the doubles! One of my friends had an aunt living abroad, Italy I guess, and she used to send his mom hotter panties than those you could find in the country and the photos on the boxes were ten times better because they would show the full feminine splendour. Probably my mom ignores the real reason for my inclination to buy her panties only even now. (man, 23, student)

There had appeared foundlings and dopers. And a friend, who wanted to test the feeling, beat one of those to take his aurolac bag. (man, 23, student)

You know that dumb head Nichita, don?t ye? That who became a big singer and writer. Well that, around ?97 was my girl, didn?t squeak! I took her from a canal. She was stuffing ?er face in a bag. I be damned, but if I hit her phizog she was on all her four! After wining the jackpot, she would walk down Roman? street, across McDonald?s, with say five gorillas on a motor bike and would beat people if looking don?t know how at her. (woman, 40, matron)

With these peelers around here there is something else, ?cause I know ?em all, they?re my boys. Let them mess with my girls or with me ?cause I give them zip. Look, do you see that down the corner? He pays us a visit every two days. We know each other very well. Tell him about Lulu and he?ll lick your feet. (woman, 40, matron)

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