Subjective timeline of the ?90s*
Petre Popovăţ


January 13 Emil Constantinescu announces his intention to run for president of the Democratic Convention of Romania (CDR) and, in the future, for President of Romania.

January 21-22 The 4th Congress of the International Association of the Former Political prisoners and Victims of Communism takes place in Budapest. Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu, Romanian former political prisoner is elected president of this body.

February 11 The European Agreement with Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovakia enters into force. Romania may now officially apply for EU membership.

March 31 Dumitru Iuga, President of the Free Union from Broadcast Public Television is on his 13th day of hunger strike, protesting against the attempts of the power to control the editorial policy of public TV station.

Airplane accident: TAROM 310 Muntenia Airbus aircraft crashes near Bucharest. There are 59 victims.

May 8 By the grave of Nicolae Ceauşescu, a group of nostalgic aficionados of the Communist regime celebrates the founding of the Romanian Communist Party.

June 12 Ion Iliescu explains on the public TV station that he had no connection with the KGB.

August 26 Prime-Minister Nicolae Văcăroiu affirms that 60% of the state budget is money coming from fiscal evasion.

October 6 Corneliu Coposu, President of PNTCD and leader of the Opposition, is decorated with the Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor Medal.

November 11 Corneliu Coposu passes away. King Michael I is not allowed to participate at the funeral.


February 17 Tennis player Ilie Năstase announces he will run for mayor of Bucharest from the part of PDSR (former FDSN).

May 18 After only three years from its inaugurations, the Romanian Peasant?s Museum receives from EMYA (European Museum of the Year Award) the award for best museum of the year.

June 16 Victor Ciorbea, former union leader, is elected mayor of Bucharest.

August 28 For the 3rd time Iliescu decides to run for President. The Constitution of Romania only allows for two presidential terms.

September 4 Emil Constantinescu, from the part of CDR, decides to run for President. September 16 The Hungary ? Romania

Neighbourhood Treaty is signed.

September 18 The Lower Chamber votes for the amendment of the Criminal Code. According to article 200, homosexuality is punished with prison from six month to three years.

November 3 CDR comes in first in the parliamentary elections.

November 17 In the second round of Presidential elections, Emil Constantinescu is elected President of Romania.

November 20 Victor Ciorbea is appointed prime-minister.


February 3 Former King Michael I is allowed to return to Romania ?without any preconditions?.

July 14 Bill Clinton?s visit to Bucharest.

August 19 By governmental ordinance the miners who will become unemployed due to the restructuring of the field will get up to 20 compensatory salaries. First strikes in the world asking for unemployment take place (80,000 requests of being let go).

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