Subjective timeline of the ?90s*
Petre Popovăţ


January 23 Extreme weather affects the country.

July 6 Romanian education system is in shock: one out of three candidates did not pass the high-school final exam (Baccalaureate). 1999

January 18 The fifth ,,mineriada? begins.

January 20 The miners outnumber the police forces, surrounding and disarming them.

January 22 Prime-Minister Radu Vasile and the leader of the miners, Miron Cosma, meet for negotiations in Cozia.

February 15 The Supreme Court of Justice sentences Miron Cosma at 18 years in prison.

May 7-9 Pope John Paul II comes to Romania.

August 11 Total solar eclipse.

December 31, 22.00 hrs Most of Romanians prepare to party. Year 2000 begins in 2 hours.

Translated by Cora Moţoc

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