The Purity of the Romanian Soul?
Obi Moore

In Romania everything has been forced to accelerate, accelerate, accelerate and you can see why have been some problems. Let me give you a quick example from my lawyers. In early days that I was here, let?s say 1990-1995 many laws were enacted here in Romania concerning privatization, to facilitate taxation based on western standards and norms. In all democracies laws are passing through a normal parliamentary process, through a debate and you establish what the public policies of the country are, and then you establish what is the legislative policy that you are going to take, and this is done by the Parliament. This takes time to evolve. Romania didn?t have that opportunity to debate all the laws in order to be fully understood by all the parliamentarians. All these laws were drafted by foreigners, by experts who said: ?This is a very good law based on the Treaty of Rome, based upon the US Taxation Law, Italian Commercial Law, Napoleon Code? and all these laws were almost forced to be implemented without any role of the democratic debate and understanding of the laws. So, then when you try to enforce these laws upon Romanian businessman and people they would say : ? What is this law, I don?t know anything about it, this law doesn?t apply to me, I didn?t participate in the development of this law, this is a law written by the foreigners, let the foreigners comply with it. I operated my business here during the communist days and I?ll continue to operate my business and these laws have nothing to do with me, and my company.

Romanians are fascinating people to me? You got this Caragiale cynicism and irony? and Mircea Eliade, and the poetry of Romania, the grand poets and so you see the both sides of the Romanian behavior. People who are proud of the old Romanian virtues, then you got this sort of irreverence side with Romanians making ironical humor about everything? but, you know, I think, from my point of view, from an American point of view, because the Americans are so pragmatic, even so boring compares to the Europeans? but, you know, we don?t have all the baggage of the history, you see. Whenever is a problem Americans come together and? I don?t need to know what was your grandfather, or what my grandfather was and we?re able to come together for short period of time and solve a common problem do it in the most efficient way possible on the planet. We move quickly, we say these are the common denominators, this is the goal, and how do you get from point A to point B? So we, Americans with the transatlantic problems going on perhaps we need to be more sophisticated about this than we are, and this is a real disappointment to me as a person, because there are so many Americans that are very European minded and they could have done a better job after 9/11 events, being more inclusive?OK it?s a terrific tragedy that US is going through? and this changed US in a way that is irreversible?It?s a very sad, sad realization that we need to have those restrictions of rights because of all these security threats and concerns.

I think there is a sense about the Romanian mind set from Mircea Eliade to Caragiale, that both of them, in some way, are very intellectually appealing to the mind. But, by just focusing on that in some people?s mind in Romania, it became a diversion from accepting responsibility about your future, that becomes almost so cynically, or so idealistic and pure that both of them somehow allowed people to escape from the responsibilities , allowed them to avoid responsibility, because there is a sense? that you can?t accomplish, you can?t make a difference, so you?re entertaining yourself with a sort of idyllic setting of village life which is wonderful, by the way, I admire the Romanian villages. But in terms of leadership that Romania need now and this is the point where I?m starting to see the people understand that they can?t accept benefits without accepting responsibilities. I think that those two? writers and poets which are part of developing of the Romanian mind, and the Romanian people? we really need some other dimensions to come forward now to lead us into the nest of a more mature European culture, because you?re changing dramatically as well with this expansion of U.E. When you seat back and again you recognize how far Romania has come? and recognize just even further in Romania what the history of Romanian people, Romanian language, or state always has been gradualist. In fact Romania is a young country, I mean in terms of what is the modern day Romanian state.

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