The Purity of the Romanian Soul?
Obi Moore

So, my point is that Romania has always had a gradual evolution and this is why the reform period for Romania should actually been anyway different, because Romania has been a gradualist in terms of its reforms during the nineties. They tried to please everybody.

I?m rather positive about the evolution of Romania, I think it?s a wonderful country, the villages here, the people there, you know the hospitality of the Romanian people?I try to say to the foreigners when they try to understand Romania that theĀ  people is nice, is Latin, with a Latin language. It is the single Latin country in the world which is not catholic, it?s orthodox. You can feel that, the culture, the history here is a kind of compromise to do away with this Cyrillic alphabet, to have a Latin alphabet, but we not gone to be catholic, we gone to be orthodox to again try to accommodate and compromise as many of the powers allow them to be? and this is very instructive? even today looking to the foreign policy or to public policy, legislative policy, how you get resources and built common interest among different groups, you can see and understand the meaning of this history.

Every society in order to be successful has to take care of widows and orphans and is many widows and orphans in this country. Specifically speaking, the idea is to be more inclusive, we have to have this sort of responsibility. On the other side I think it?s that notion of governance, we the people, what Romania needs is a more of a sense of? that the political culture here where the voting population has the power needs to be taken more serious.

Someone said one time that at one minute you can be completely disgusted, a horrible taste that you see something very unappealing but next moment you can have such a joy because you see something that is completely to the other end of the human spectrum. I think I?ve seen a lot of these moments, small moments of human purity, purity of the Romanian soul, particularly in the arts and in music, people who play just for the passion of the music, people who paint? They do what they do without any consideration of their work in the free market. This is for me as American? that purity is something that amaze me?These are noble actions.

Mr. Moore was so kind to answer to my questions which were

eliminated in the process of transcription in order to let only

his remarks to be read.

Interview by Mihai Gheorghiu

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