Litera F


We were made falcons of the country in kindergarten. Serving the country had to start as early as possible. Those who did not attend kindergarten were made pioneers. The uniform was blue with orange.

The country?s falcons under the sun
You raise us and teach us
To love ardently
Your dawn
Rising triumphantly
In your garden
From early age
We are your children
You, serene country,
We?re your valiant young men.

Stanza 1:
We are the buds
Of the ancient tree
We are the children of the country
On Romanian legendary land.
We are the future
And in the country we are building
In the flight to tomorrow
We?ll be like falcons.

The country?s falcons/We?ll fly towards the light/The country?s falcons/To you, my country.

Stanza 2: Completely lost in the mist of my mind. (C. V., 97)

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