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Currency was hard to get. I worked with foreigners at Ciclop on Magheru Boulevard and I remember I did not get currency or presents for I was afraid. One night at 2 o'clock Security offivers arrested all the employees except for me because they received "presents" from foreigners. After that I found out they denounced each other. I was the only one innocent. Investigation followed, some of them were arrested, some were confiscated the goods the officers found in their houses, no matter if they received them or bought them underhand as I bought a cassette recorder. There were frequent raids. If someone denounced you, there was no need of investigation. Security took you in on the spot. (O. S., 41)


All these subscriptions could be obtained with the acceptance of the party. Such a subscription wasn?t for anybody, because first of all, one couldn?t afford it, but one had to know people. For ?Paris Match?, for instance, the magazine I had a subscription to, I had to pay foreign currency. And in order to get foreign currency, legally, one had to get approvals galore. And if one did not know the right people, that was difficult. (O. S., 41)


Whether I left abroad - a rare thing - even in socialist countries or foreign specialists came to the Institute, I had to draw up a report on what I talked to them, on their opinion on the current state of Romanian affairs etc. (this happened not only in the case of technical meetings, but also for the friendly private ones which had to be avoided). I remember how stressed I was when, being at a conference in the field at Kishinev, my foreign colleagues considered the Romanian delegate representatives to be "brothers" and insisted on taking me an interview they published in the local press, adding a picture of mine. The rule was never to give interviews, especially abroad, without the consent of the party officials or the Romanian embassy from that country. I did not have it. I was anxious for a while, but nothing happened to me.

The slogan of the professional relations with foreigners was "fight against cosmopolitanism". That is why I had exclusive access to literature on technology of the communist countries, and the foreign publications were for general use or for reference only, studies with the consent of the institute and party leaders. Once I received a copy of a Western publication I was subscribed to and also double copies from an embassy about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first one became part of the researchers' accessible fund and the other ones of the secret archives.

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