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As for the rest of the time, mother kept nothing else but vegetables in the freezer, but only in wintertime. The freezer and the refrigerator got filled up to a certain extend during winter holidays, when we received some pork and some traditional food. (14)


There was a mass production of interior decoration as well. The bedroom was made up of one, two, three or four-door cupboard, with or without mouldings in relief, with or without metal ornaments and one or a double bed with bedside tables, on and off the dressing table and the bedside tables lied on the corridor because, though they did not go in the small bedroom, one had to buy the whole set.

The living room was furnished with an extendible sofa completed by two armchairs and a low long small table. On the opposite wall, a bookcase-cupboard with a few shelves and many small lockers and empty spaces, enough to leave room for a TV set, a radio set or a record-player. If there were too many books in the house, they were deposited on the balcony.

The same happened with the kitchen and the bathroom, narrow spaces which were supposed to include the gas stove, the sideboard, the fridge, the table and the chairs or the "wringer" washing machine.

Try to imagine a similar sofa placed in the same way in four apartments on a floor and in ten in the whole block and, at the same time, the same scene or, well, a similar one, happening on it at the same hour. (V.M., 139)

In 1981 furniture installments system was abolished. There were plenty of furniture shops, but people could hardly buy a piece. Imported furniture did not exist. Romania was the sixth country in the world that exported furniture. Targu-Mures or Reghin furniture with sculptures and ornaments was great. (A.-I. B., 101)

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