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I was told that when they held the Flame Literary Circle on the stadium, all sorts of things were said to happen, that they had sex in the back, that you could find condoms there; sensible people told me. I remember the literary circle was suspended after some people had died because they had been walked over, a storm broke on the stadium and the participants wanted all to get through the gates at the same time and they trampled each other under feet. It was Ploiesti where this happened. (A. V., 7)

Paunescu was 33 years old in 1980-1983 and he celebrated his birthday on Easter night, in Polyvalent Hall, I think, with The Flame Literary Circle. The year before, The Literary Circle was held on the Great Friday. But he fooled a lot of people at first. There were things that we regarded as subversive. They sang national songs, they talked about God?Actually everything was arranged by Ceausescu) ? Note: Paunescu?s birthday is on June, so there was no way it could coincide with Easter. (A. V., 52)

Once, in Medgidia, Paunescu is said to have received a written request from the public. Usually, in these notes, they asked for a certain song to be performed. He read it and said: ?A young Tartar has sent me a letter in which it is only written: benim bok. I do not know what it means.? And he went on: ?I am glad that the co-inhabiting nationalities can use their mother tongue. As a sign of brotherhood with them let us all shout: benim bok, benim bok?. Everybody shouted ardently, and, later on, they found out that it meant: ?You are so full of bullshit? (A. V. 129)

When I was in the first years of high school, in 1983-1984, I attended The Flame Literary Circle, at Ramnicul Valcea. There was no shock. There were some singers: Vasile Seicaru, Stefan Hrusca, the Poesis band from Constanta. There were some local talents, too. After they performed on the stage, there was some talk about underwear, they showed them in public, I do not know if it was true, because I was just a boy going there with my gang. I do not know it for sure even now?

Between songs, Paunescu delivered his speeches, it was just a way of having fun; it was an event in Ramnicu Valcea. The Flame Circle used to go on until morning. (P. P., 100)

My wife had the feeling that the songs they broadcast on the radio were not those performed on the stadium, where she went. There were not songs with Ceausescu or the party there?yet we heard them on the radio. (A.V., 97)

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