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Communist substitute for Santa Claus. Mistaking one word for another (Santa Claus at home and Jack Frost at school), children combined them and one single character was born: 'Mos Cracila' (Santa Frost). (51)

Poems were born, like the following:

Could you, dear Jack,

Bring us a big pack;

Put some sugar and some oil

And we?d like some coffee beans

If you stop by the canteen;

Eggs and onions we?d like, too,

If it?s not too much for you;

One potato would be nice,

And some paper, if you please

So that we can wipe our arse,

And enjoy the night at ease. (32)

New Year's Eve children's carnival took place in Piata Scanteii exhibition pavilion. It was held between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Sometimes they obliged us to dress in pioneer uniforms and white blouses, but we were not cold at all for the hall was crowded and thus we could keep warm each other. There was a huge decorated fir and 'Jack Frost' came without presents. Children sang, danced or recited poems and the actors of "Tandarica" Theatre entertained them. "The Plugusor" (The Little Plough) about country and its beloved leader was recited. No one would offer us a drink! That's why we didn't care about it! (P.P., 71)


The ?80s were a tough period for the Bucharest jazz amateurs. In the ?60s and ?70s, thanks to the passion and good will of a United States Embassy cultural attaché, most of the great figures of the American jazz were invited to play at the Sala Palatului (expenses covered by the Embassy). There was now less and less of that.

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