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My life was better than today; I had enough money for the rent, to buy clothes and food for which you had to queue up. That?s the way it was, food was rationalized. Today, even if I can find whatever I want, I simply don?t have the money to buy it. And then there so many organizations that helped you get along, that sorted out the problems for you, such as the Young Communist Association, the Communist Party. Today nobody will help you. I felt safe, nobody attacked you on the street. The Arts Center staged all sort of performances that I was only glad to participate in. We afforded to go to the pictures, to the theatre, we even spent our holidays in the mountains, by the sea. (R. A. V, 79)

Take us for instance: we afforded to go out once a month and have dinner at Manuc?s Inn?s, or go to any other restaurant and have a steak, listen to the music and dance and just have a good time. So to put it this way, I don?t have much to complain about those days; it would be a lie to say God, it was so bad, I?m so happy it?s over now. Except that you weren?t allowed to travel abroad and you couldn?t speak ill of one politician or another because you disliked him for just no reason at all. I didn?t mind, because I wasn?t much into politics really. (I. H., 30)

I had good standing, me. I worked at the People?s House, I made 3000 lei, and my fridge was never empty. We didn?t know about queues and stuff, wee had our own shop where we could find just anything. We had our ration of sugar, oil, and white lard was just everywhere.

Everyone had more than the strict necessities and they were ready to help you if you lacked for anything. Now everyone is poorer, and is just fighting for themselves. I trusted the president. When Ceausescu visited our site, we were happy to se him. He took care that things worked out fine; he cared for the country. If you asked, I?d say I felt safe and secure at the time. You had no problems going out in the streets at night, you had nothing to fear out there. We didn?t have the murder and rape rates we have today. (R. A. V. 135)

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