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There was a group of friends who on Sundays went picnicking. The rule then was that the cars with even registration numbers could be out on every other Sunday, and so were the uneven numbers, alternately. So they registered their cars in such a way as to have both even and uneven numbers in the group. The very idea! I also remember them preparing the barbecue meat and saying: ?Enjoy what we have, we?ll soon have to grill salami.? (114)

I remember the swings at fairs. When I was living in block no. 24, there were those itinerant fairs, which they moved from one neighborhood to another. I remember the swings, when the fair reached our neighborhood, they looked like the ones in the Small Town, but they wouldn?t keep them long in one place? They first brought them in the Dudesti area, then in Pantelimon, next came Militari and so on? (S. C., 112)


Men were not allowed to wear long hair. I was travelling one by bus and the schoolteacher showed us a man having beard and long hair, standing by the road. This was the image of the interdiction as far as I, a seven-year-old child, was concerned. (G. S., 107)

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