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At Obor market they charged the prices imposed by the militiamen: ? Why do you sell by 8 lei? Sell by 6; that?s the market price!? the products were generally brought from peasants from all over the country (Calarasi, Giurgiu) and around Bucharest. (V. C., 150).


Which is to say, a Ministers? Council Resolution. The vanguard of the most aberrant laws that were always unanimously votedĀ  (99,7%) by the voting machine of the Great National Assembly. The underground rumor channel was sure to unveil their content as soon as they were passed, and it was never cause for joy or satisfaction. At best, you could remain indifferent. (51)


The queues for meat were the most humiliating, one could have wasted a night and a day, and when one got to the door or to the counter, it was finished. So many times I came back home with an empty bag after hours and hours of waiting! When I was about to get to the counter, almost every time, two or three persons stepped before me, saying that they had been before and they had asked the old people, who queued almost everyday, to reserve a place there for them, and thus, there was not enough for me anymore. It became a habit for the old people to queue everyday to buy meat for their children, grandchildren or neighbors, or even to sell it at a higher price. I had numberless such experiences, which determined me to establish connections and to buy more expensive meat, but, at least, that way, I was sure that I can get it. (A. B., 12)

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