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U.C.Y. (?U.T.C.?)

THE UNION OF COMMUNIST YOUTH was the youth organisation where all high school teenagers were enlisted. At my school we were all members. I?d heard of one guy who refused to join in because he was an Adventist and he said his religion did not allow that. There was a big scandal but finally everything cooled down, and he was made to join the U.C.Y. Membership in the U.C.Y. entailed voluntary labour, participation in pro-socialist activities and propaganda. Meetings were held every week, where speeches were delivered and political up dating performed. No one believed in these things anyhow,  there was no end to the mocking and jeering, but when any of us was brought in front of the others, he?d waffle on with Ceausescu, communism, the nation, etc. We realised this was aberrant, we read things and discussed among ourselves. This gave me the illusion of freedom.

Certain U.C.Y. meeting ended in small parties, which took place inside the school or at the Culture House. We sneaked out to smoke, danced, kissed girls, hid to drink alcohol. But each of these things had to begin with some educational stuff, we were told, for instance, how Antonescu was arrested or how the communist party was formed.

Anyway, I keep a dear memory of my high school days. Maybe it was just me, but I never felt political constraint from the system. (11)


A pretty good thing, at last: at the beginning of the 80s the first Romanian underground line was inaugurated. I say "pretty" as such projects also existed before, abandoned because of the unpropitious soil of the capital. Dambovita, the ground-water layer and things done superficially turned the stations into small underground lakes. However, we all were happy about the new means of transport and, after its inauguration, we went by tube for our own pleasure and children competed with each other to learn the name of the stations as soon as they could.

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