Litera X


Xerox copies were not allowed, the facility did not exist. Such machines were only owned by institutions, no natural person had the right to use them. If you worked with the institution, things could be arranged, you could say it was official, but for someone outside the institution to come and ask for a Xerox copy? it was unthinkable.

Do you want to know how I had my journal articles Xeroxed? Outright subversion. I went to Arcom, on Victoria Road, at the junction with the Amzei Market Street. I crossed the yard, went down to the basement, and into a cell where was this guy. He seemed life sentenced there, had a pale face? he knew very well he was doing the forbidden thing. Almost no words were exchanged, the eyes said everything. (I. H., S. R.-B., 132)

If the word reached you that someone had access to Xerox copying, it sounded like a miracle on earth. For instance, you needed to have five copies of a Ph.D. thesis. You of course only wrote one copy?And for official papers, you had to write on both sides of one sheet, you had to be economical? (S. R.-B., D. R.-B., 138)


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