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Most of them arranged job assignments and this caused a scandal so they abolished bridge. When Valentin came, the whole thing was over, there was nothing he could do, it was a matter of card games, and so on. They found a reason, too, they said those people did not go to work, that money was embezzled; a couple of top officials had to go, not very many, but it was ugly. Bridge was played in certain areas. My brother was in Pitesti, others used to come too and they managed to bring bridge again in certain clubs, but in stead of Locomotiva, they called the club go or scrabble, games like this. For 4 years bridge was dead. There is a difference between the family bridge and competition bridge. If one gather in a family, it?s Ok, but it?s no big deal, you need continuity, otherwise there?s no catch. It?s a more complex game than chess. When bridge disappeared Valentin concentrated on football. Football became his second passion. Bridge is a time killer. (C. M., 142)


I can?t remember when it was that the street and plaza names were changed, but I realize now that generally speaking the proper names of inter-war political and cultural personalities were replaced with important dates in the recent (communist) history, or with poetically flavored words. This is a short synopsis of the most famous changes:

1. The boulevards were named after important dates (1848, March 6th) or by political-ideological phrases (The Republic, The Victory of Socialism, The Union). The few proper names that were accepted (Magheru, Balcescu or Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej) functioned, I believe, as a sort of ?off the scent? element.

2. The plazas were renamed, too, I couldn?t say why. The Philanthropy became May 1st, the Domains became November 7th, etc.

3. The nomenclature?s residential areas were given those poetic names I mentioned above: The Spring Boulevard, The Spark House, The Rose Boulevard. (125)

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