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The colours of transition

Petre Popovăţ
Subjective timeline of the ?90s*

Şerban Anghelescu
The colours of transition

Rumours, gossips and opinions

Maria Mateoniu
My generation among generations

Zoe Petre
The age of the lost innocence

Student?s strike

Alina Iordache
The day when the bats arrive

Vlad Manoliu
Universităţii Square

Victoria Moţoc
The summer of our discountent

The miners on the miner riots

Smacked by the miners

Vlad Manoliu
,,The days of the national shame??

The Group for Social Dialogue

Vlad Manoliu
Another type of television

Television after 1990. The nation?s chemistry

Filip Florian
Bread and journalism

Football ?90

Zoe Petre

Victoria Moţoc
Through the cigarette smoke

Vlad Manoliu
Second-hand bookshops

Ciprian Voicilă
Books and music

Călin Torsan
Another egorhythm. Algorithm for the concealing of the own self

Alex. Leo Şerban
Charts and paradigms

Bitter honey

Byzantium or Istanbul?

Petre Popovăţ
The passport

Trading in clothes, silver, fake precious stones and tobacco

Petre Popovăţ
Primitive accumulation of capital

The traders

From state-owned business to private business

Şerban Anghelescu
Les espaces de l?identité

Mihai Pascal
The Return of the Nonprodigal Son

Beno and Iulia Azriel
Beno & Iulia

Coca N.
It Was Freedom I Was Interested in

Mihai Popa
Fleeing the Country

Matei Spandonide
Attention, les r?ves s?accomplissent !

Roxana Doxan
Des amis partout

Tatiana Covor
La fuite au-del? de moi-m?me

Monica Pepine

Veronica T.
In Rumänien, kann es dir jeden Tag etwas Erzählenswertes geschehen

Anni-Lorei Mainka
Românii beau vin?şi nu mai vin (Die Rumänen trinken nur Wein?und kommen nie mehr zurück !)

Randy Legersky
Coming from America

Ian Tilling
The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence

Chiara Louise Gosden
I Could Boast Myself that I Succeed in Adapting to Almost Anything

Obi Moore
The Purity of the Romanian Soul?

Philippe Nevo
Je suis enraciné grâce ? la famille qui m?entourait

Victor Yila
Roumanie : la seconde dans mon coeur

Isam Mahgoub
C?est le droit de mes enfants d?avoir un p?re citoyen roumain

Juan Carlos Negretti
Siento que soy de allá, no de aquí

Rafael Pisot
En Rumania a toda costa

Rodolfo Herrera Salda?a
Vivo entre gente muy similar a nostros los mexicanos


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